Our Story

  1. 1960’s

    From football to butchery

    Being reserve goalkeeper to arguably the most famous goalkeeper of all time (Bert Trautman) eventually takes its toll, and Roy Dixon leaves professional football to use his skilled hands elsewhere. At the same time, Roy’s oldest son Gary is born.

  2. 1970


    At the Dixon home family kitchen, Roy and wife Doreen earn a living selling sausage skins to local butchers…

  3. Mid 70’s

    Former bus depot Kingsway Manchester

    Gaining popularity in and around Manchester, the family business begins to gain momentum and through the early 70’s “Roy Dixon Casings” moves from the family kitchen to a butchers shop and then finally into a former bus depot on Kingsway where they sell sausage casings, rusks and seasonings to the butchery trade…

    At about the same time, Roy’s son Gary join the company at just 16 and drives the old delivery van. to use his skilled hands elsewhere.

  4. 1979

    meanwhile in the bus depot…

    Under increasing pressure from the struggling butchery trade, Roy and son Gary work on the secret blend of seasonings and spend hours mixing spice blends to create a marinating glaze that butchers can use on a daily basis to significantly add value and excitement to their meat counter. Then using a friends Kenwood Chef Mixer they create the first batch ever of Chinese flava…

  5. 1979

    Manchester Rusk Company

    “Roy Dixon’s Casings” becomes Manchester Rusk Company (which is later shortened to MRC) and launches three glazes which became an instant success with butchers all over the country; Chinese, Garden Mint and Pepper Steak. Three products that, minus some minor recipe tweaks, remain largely unchanged 35 years on…

  6. 70’s and 80’s

    Longley Lane Sharston

    The business grows from strength to strength, and the companies range of products and reputation grows with it as they begin working with new and exciting customers across the processing, food-service and retail sectors…

  7. Mid 80’s

    Flava Club

    Gary. Now the MD, and one of his oldest school friends Miles, introduce the ‘flava club’ as a means of rewarding the loyal customers.

  8. 2003

    Flava-It was born

    In 2003 came MRC’s second Eureka moment, when Gary and the team, after repeated requests from butchers and customers, came up with a meal-size marinade sachet that butchers and retailers could sell in-store and flava-it was born…

    Encompassing the flava brand values the products was simple, versatile, convenient and of course super tasty and launched with six delicious flavas: Chinese, Pepper Steak, Garden Mint, Tikka Masala, Hot and Spicy and BBQ…

  9. 2010

    Flava House Sharston

    In light of recent successes, the company invests in new machinery, packaging and people to help keep up with the growing demand for flava it products and innovation across all sectors.

  10. 2011

    Trusted Brand Leader

    Despite fierce competition within the industry, MRC stays true to its vision and releases a new range of revamped products, continuing to add excitement to the food trade 35 years on.

  11. 2014

    Award Winning

    By 2014 MRC?? award shelf was filling up nicely, bagging the M.E.N Business of the Year Award and multiple Great Taste accolades for a variety of products.

  12. 2016 - Today

    The Next Generation

    Gary’s eldest son’s Scott and Charlie take over the reins, making MRC a proud third generation family business… we still hold true the values put in place by Roy when he founded the company and are committed to providing simple, versatile and tasty products that add real value and profit to your business.